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American businesses, apart from the financial services industry, have accumulated $17.7 trillion in debt, at a rate that escalated greatly starting in 2020. That is a lot of money which might end up in contestation, requiring collection services.

Creditors and businesses seeking assistance with collection matters turn to Rushing & Guice for aggressive and creative solutions to resolve outstanding receivables and secure assets. Rushing & Guice is the only Mississippi law firm that is a member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors, the largest organization of commercial collection specialists in the world. Additionally, Rushing & Guice partner William L. Guice III is a recognized expert in the field. He is the co-author of a major publication about Mississippi collection law and testified before the United States Senate leading up to the passage of the Federal Debt Recovery Act of 1985.

While always cognizant of strict federal and state laws regarding debt collection procedures, our collection attorneys take every available step to obtain payment from delinquent parties quickly.

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Mississippi Debt Collection Lawyers

Getting the most return for our clients from a collection effort is Rushing & Guice’s goal. We know how to aggressively and legally seek repayment from recalcitrant debtors. If there is a viable funding pool, we do our best to secure a repayment plan without the cost and delay of litigation. However, we have the talent and experience to press for payment through litigation and other legal means. We use paralegals whenever possible to minimize cost, and work with your staff to achieve timely and full results.

Why use a commercial collection lawyer in Mississippi?

If you’re wondering why you should enlist the services of a commercial collection lawyer, consider the following insights:

When a commercial collection agency steps in, it sends a powerful signal to businesses and consumers, underscoring the seriousness of your outstanding invoices. In Mississippi, businesses, like individuals, have credit scores, and the involvement of a commercial collection agency can impact their future loan prospects. Discover more about how collaborating with a commercial collection agency can significantly enhance your recovery rates by exploring our informative FAQ page.

At Rushing & Guice, PLLC, we distinguish ourselves by adopting a distinctive approach compared to traditional commercial debt collection agencies. Our commitment to a no-complaint policy is rooted in the belief that serving our clients effectively means safeguarding your business relationships. We understand that while you need commercial collection services to maintain cash flow and cover operational expenses, this shouldn’t come at the cost of compromising valuable business connections.

Choosing a commercial collection lawyer in Mississippi, especially from Rushing & Guice, PLLC, means selecting a partner who not only prioritizes recovering your dues but also values the preservation of your business relationships.

William L. Guice III: Debt Collection Expert

William Guice III

William L. Guice III, is an expert on debt collection, a co-author of an important article on collections, and has even testified before the United States Senate while Congress was considering the Federal Debt Recovery Act of 1985. He is renowned. Rushing & Guice has done collections work for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, including its foreclosures, and maintains the highest standards in this often difficult and highly regulated area of law.

Effective collections require investigative staff to find assets, paralegals to administer the claims, and lawyers to demand payment and file suit, if necessary. Rushing & Guice has the staff to provide professional services not only to our local clients, but to those clients residing throughout Mississippi and the United States.

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Statute of Limitations on Commercial Debt Collection

In Mississippi, the statute of limitations is a pivotal defense, and timing is of the essence. For instance, debt carries a three-year statute of limitations. If a collector pursues legal action beyond this period, you have a solid defense based on the expired statute of limitations. It’s noteworthy that collectors often aim to reset the clock by coaxing payments from debtors.

If a collector initiates legal proceedings after the statute of limitations has lapsed, you may have grounds for legal action under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Different debts carry distinct statutes of limitations, and understanding the specifics is paramount.

Curiously, collectors may file suits even when the statute of limitations has expired. This is due to the debtor’s obligation to raise the defense during legal proceedings. Failure to do so can result in the collector obtaining a judgment.

Under Mississippi Code Ann. § 15-1-3, a debt not filed within the statute of limitations is considered extinguished. However, collectors can still pursue judgments if the defense isn’t asserted. The legality of such judgments is a subject of debate, emphasizing the importance of consulting with an attorney before allowing a collector to secure a judgment.

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What is a Debt Collection Case?

Debt can be incurred in any kind of retail or commercial transaction. Uncollected debt compounds the cost of doing business, robbing companies of needed funding and distracting their staff from day-to-day business. Businesses need to develop internal structures that facilitate rapid receipt of payment for services and products to maintain their business relationships and preserve working capital. Such internal processes begin with friendly payment reminders that escalate on a schedule to overdue payment reminders, final notice, direct contact with the debtor, and finally a formal letter of demand. When there is no repayment, lawyers get involved.

Rushing & Guice’s collections practice includes:

  • Commercial collections – involve debts incurred by businesses engaged with other businesses. We help our clients with collection of commercial debt, secured and unsecured, for small and large businesses, contractors, subcontractors, banks, lenders, commercial landlords, and equipment lessors.
  • Retail collections – include debts incurred by individuals with businesses for products or services purchased and left unpaid. American consumers have amassed $15.24 trillion in debt. The highest category of debt is home mortgages, followed by student loans. Retail debt might involve credit cards, medical bills, automobile loans, personal loans, business, student loans, and even unpaid utility and cell phone bills. Our lawyers help with collection of consumer debt, secured and unsecured, for banks, savings and loans, credit unions, retail establishments, and other lenders.
  • Construction collections – encompass debts incurred during the course of construction, with moneys owed to the general contractor, subcontractors, materials vendors, and staffing. At Rushing & Guice, our lawyers are experienced in filing and enforcement of mechanic’s lien claims and labor and material payment bond claims.
  • Replevins – are legal actions to recover property wrongfully taken or held by a defendant. In the world of debt collections, replevins involve repossession and recovery of collateral from defaulting debtors for lessors and other secured creditors.
  • Litigation – prosecution of debt collection in civil actions in state and federal courts and before alternative dispute resolution forums (arbitration, mediation) and defense against debtor counterclaims.

International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. (IACC) Membership

Rushing & Guice is the only Mississippi law firm that is a member of the IACC, the trade association that provides education and leadership in the field of debt collection. The IACC provides an ethical framework for the collection industry and offers educational programs to promote a fair and just approach to debt and its repayment. IACC members must abide by a Code of Ethics that infuses their business operations. For example, when dealing with debtors, each IACC member is held to standards of conduct:

  • IACC members must show due consideration, including but not limited to the avoidance of harassment by all means of communication.
  • Avoid deceptive practices, statements, and materials.
  • Respond to disputes in a reasonable and prompt manner.
  • If the debtor states that he is represented by an attorney and identifies that counsel, the agency shall deal directly with the attorney.

Rushing & Guice’s membership in the IACC assures our clients that the methods used to collect any debt conform to the highest ethical and industry standards.

Rushing & Guice, P.L.L.C: Mississippi Commercial Collection Lawyers

At Rushing & Guice, Mississippi’s only member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors, our experienced commercial collection attorneys know what it takes to obtain payment on outstanding debts and reduce receivables for our clients.   Call us at (228) 374-2313 or fill out our online form to arrange for a limited initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you, and look forward to the opportunity to serve as your attorneys.

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