At Rushing & Guice, we work closely with victims and their families who are confronting the ongoing challenges of a catastrophic personal injury. With understanding and compassion, we stand together with our clients every day, fighting tirelessly for just compensation. We have a long track record of securing significant damages from those responsible and have earned a reputation in Mississippi and along the Gulf Coast as trial lawyers who are relentless in our advocacy for those we represent. When facing the trauma of catastrophic personal injury, it is best to consult experienced lawyers as soon as possible so that evidence can be preserved and recovery documented to ensure maximum accountability and compensation. We are here to serve your interests and help to secure for you and your family the full range of compensation you deserve.

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The Devastation of Catastrophic Injuries

As the name implies, a catastrophic injury refers to any injury that leaves a person suffering from permanent and serious disabilities for the rest of his or her life. Catastrophic injuries have devastating and lasting effects on the victim, and the physical, emotional, and financial strains on victims and their families can be almost too much to bear. Our lawyers will guide you and your family through recovery and advance your case to receive full compensation.

Catastrophic injury harms more than just the victim; in many of these cases, continual care must be provided by family members whose lives become upended in order to ensure the well-being of their loved one. The day-to-day challenges of rehabilitation and overwhelming medical bills may become long-lasting or permanent fixtures in the victim’s household. Our clients benefit from our lawyers’ experience in negotiation with insurance companies as well as our considerable litigation experience. We will provide rigorous legal advocacy to get you a fair settlement through negotiation or award of damages resulting from litigation.

Catastrophic injuries can include back injuries, neck injuries, brain injuries, burns, damage to vital organs, partial or full paralysis, paraplegia, or quadriplegia. These injuries may affect a person’s ability to earn a living and enjoy a normal routine and activities. And these injuries can cause a victim’s family considerable stress. Injuries involving the brain may change a person’s personality, make it difficult to remember things, or even prevent him or her from recognizing and interacting with loved ones. The emotional trauma that follows in the wake of such injuries can cause tremendous strain on relationships and the mental health of those struggling with a difficult new way of life.

Damages for catastrophic injury cases include both economic and non-economic losses.

Economic losses are those that can be quantified, for example:

Medical Expenses:Emergency services, hospitalization costs, the cost of surgeries and other treatments, specialized care, medications, rehabilitation expenses such as physical and occupational therapy, and the ongoing costs of medical care.

Loss of Earnings/Earning Capacity:Victims lose more than just the wages for the work time they have missed. If an injury is permanent and debilitating, they also lose their current and future earning capacity.

Funeral and Burial Costs:A victim’s loved ones should be compensated for funeral and burial costs in the case of a wrongful death.

Because non-economic losses are intangible, they can be harder to quantify. Such losses include:

Physical Pain and Suffering:The victim should be compensated for enduring pain and suffering caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another person or entity.

Psychological Distress:Anxiety and distress that results from living with the debilitating condition long into the future.

Diminished Quality of Life:The victim enjoys a lesser quality of life than prior to the accident and injury.

Loss of Consortium:This can include loss of companionship and/or the ability to enjoy an intimate relationship.

At Rushing & Guice, we work tirelessly to secure the most favorable outcome for families during extraordinary trying times. We can and do recover compensation for lost wages, loss of the enjoyment of everyday life, mental stress, pain and suffering, loss of future income, permanent disability, and medical bills. Our compassionate lawyers are vigilant advocates on our client’s behalf.

Statute of Limitations and Comparative Negligence

Mississippi requires that claims for personal injury be filed within three years of the date of injury. Mindful clients seek legal counsel as soon as possible to preserve all of their rights and all possible avenues for recovery.

In Mississippi, contributory negligence is not a bar to suing for damages. Mississippi is a comparative negligence state, meaning that even if the victim contributed somewhat to the accident, he or she is not precluded from suing for damages. An award for damages by the court, or settlement reached through negotiation, will be devised taking into account the percentage of each party’s culpability. Even if you made a mistake, you still might be entitled to compensation.

Let experienced lawyers at Rushing & Guice determine whether you have a viable claim, and throughout the process, we will show you the compassion and rigorous advocacy that will let you feel cared for and get you the best results.

Insurance Companies and Their Strategies

Insurance companies often approach claims for compensation for catastrophic injury with a combination of tactics to downplay the injury, diminish the value of the claim, or even deny the claim altogether. Or they might immediately make an offer of settlement to a victim or the victim’s family before a full understanding of the extent of injury is known, and then pressure the victim to accept the lesser offer. This is especially distressing if the minimal offers are made before the victim of catastrophic personal injury has hired counsel.

At Rushing & Guice, we know how to handle insurance companies and will not be bullied by their tactics. We know how to negotiate with large insurance companies and with our litigation experience, we know how to use the litigation process to prove the full range of injury and need for compensation. We handle the legal tasks, which are often complex, and let you focus on your recovery.

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