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The complexities of the transactions and laws that are often at issue in white collar criminal prosecutions or public corruption cases require defense lawyers who have the knowledge and resources at their disposal to mount a powerful defense. Rushing & Guice’s criminal defense practice provides vigorous defense representation for those charged with white collar crimes, public officials facing corruption charges, and those under investigation or who have been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury.

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White Collar Crimes as Defined in Mississippi

“White collar crime” usually refers to a non-violent crime committed through deceit, concealment, or exploitation of trust, and motivated by financial gain. The crimes can be charged against a corporation or commercial entity, or against an individual. There are numerous types of white collar crimes. The most common are business offenses such as mail or wire fraud, bribery, insider trading, public corruption, environmental crime, pension fund crime, securities fraud, and forgery. Charges can also include RICO offenses, money laundering and other financial offenses, and complex theft. These crimes often leave paper and digital evidence trails requiring investigation and document production that can last for months or even years.

Defenses to white collar criminal charges need to be carefully curated based on actual and circumstantial evidence, public relations, and reputation. We urge you to consider hiring lawyers as soon as the threat of an investigation is pending so that our skilled white collar criminal defense lawyers can protect your rights and develop your defenses according to the facts of your case.

White Collar Crimes We Defend

Rushing & Guice has experience defending clients from all manner of white collar and financial fraud charges, including:

  • Financial claims
  • Embezzlement
  • Environmental claims
  • Fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Securities offenses
  • Tax related offenses

Defense of corporations and defense of individuals who might be in jeopardy because of their positions or actions on behalf of a corporation requires a sophisticated legal strategy to protect their rights, resources, and reputations. Joint defense agreements might be appropriate. Negotiations with prosecutors to isolate individuals rather than the corporation from liability is another way to defend themselves. Rushing & Guice lawyers understand how to navigate accountability between the corporation and individual executives to minimize exposure while preserving corporate resources and protecting individual clients’ rights and liberty.

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Criminal Investigations and Grand Juries

Many arrests or indictments happen after the government, regulators, or law enforcement officials have spent months or years investigating an industry, corporation, or individual. Those who find themselves the subject of a criminal investigation or subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury should not wait to find out whether charges will be filed before they seek legal counsel.

Rushing & Guice is prepared to act quickly to protect our clients’ rights during the investigation and minimize exposure in the event that criminal charges are ultimately brought. We use our extensive experience to determine the appropriate response to an investigation, ranging from full cooperation to invoking the Fifth Amendment’s constitutional protection against self-incrimination. Each case is evaluated separately, and a strategy developed depending on the nature of the charges, the prosecutors and law enforcement involved in the investigation, and the facts as they unfold in testimony and documents. Each client’s defense is devised solely for them within the provable circumstances of their cases.

Defense of Public Officials in Mississippi

Rushing & Guice handles matters involving investigations and defending public officials against charges of corruption. Both federal and state agencies can be involved in these investigations. Federal prosecutions are conducted by the Department of Justice, acting through the U.S. Attorney for the Northern or Southern District of Mississippi and FBI. State investigations are usually performed by the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office, through its Public Integrity Division.

Public corruption investigations often create inflammatory headlines that undermine the credibility of government agencies and public service, destroying reputations in the wake. Early retention of counsel is essential to a full defense, and we urge potential clients to contact us as soon as you become aware of an investigation that might impact you and your position with a public agency.

Too many public servants believe that only a guilty person might confer with a lawyer when facing an investigation into public corruption. Or they might unwittingly waive important rights to appear innocent. Legal counsel is necessary to preserve all of your rights and options as well as your reputation and ability to earn a living in the wake of any investigation or prosecution. We especially urge you to maintain your right to remain silent until you have secured legal counsel.

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