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Sound Corporate Counsel for Gulf Coast Businesses

As one of the oldest law firms in Mississippi, Rushing & Guice enjoys historical ties to the business lifeline of the Gulf Coast. We have represented the casino industry as it progressed from dockside to waterfront resorts. Our ties to the seafood and other maritime businesses extend from the days of the Biloxi schooners to today’s high-tech workboats and offshore operations. We have counseled clients through the various stages of their business, from start-up ventures through mergers and acquisitions to sales or transfers. We help our clients develop innovative and strategic solutions that address their current business needs and lay the foundation for a successful future.

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Aggressive Commercial, Business, and Tort Litigation

Rushing & Guice serves as counsel for some of the leading companies on the Coast. Industries we have long represented include manufacturing, gaming, maritime and banking, and financial services. New businesses turn to Rushing & Guice for assistance in establishing the most advantageous structure, preparing contracts, mitigating risks, and setting the stage for growth. We help family businesses prepare for the future with succession planning and asset preservation.

Real estate investors and property owners rely on Rushing & Guice for our long-standing expertise in the acquisition and development of real property for commercial and residential projects. Bankers, realtors, physicians, and other professionals seek our guidance on ongoing business matters, entity selection, real estate transactions, governmental regulations, and more. In addition to providing ongoing counsel, our attorneys are aggressive litigators who have successfully represented clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in local, state, and federal courtrooms throughout the region.

Centrally Located to Serve All of the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Centrally located between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mobile, Alabama, Rushing & Guice is able to represent your interests promptly and efficiently throughout the tri-state area. While our practice is primarily focused on Central and South Mississippi, we have the resources and flexibility to serve clients throughout the state. In addition, we have attorneys licensed in the District of Columbia, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, New York, and Georgia, allowing the firm to aggressively litigate in jurisdictions outside of Mississippi based upon the individual needs of our client.

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Aggressive Business Litigation

Rushing & Guice engages in general and civil trial practice in all state and federal courts within our attorneys’ licensed jurisdictions. We have developed considerable expertise in the areas of commercial, business, and tort litigation, white-collar criminal defense, creditor bankruptcy, and estate planning and probate. In addition, our attorneys know how to aggressively execute on judgments we obtain. We have a wealth of experience in credit-related matters and advocate for the enforcement of creditors’ rights. Our attorneys regularly appear in bankruptcy court, where we provide services to our clients ranging from the filing of proofs of claim to the structuring of highly complex Chapter 11 bankruptcy workouts.

Trusted Partners Helping Gulf Coast Business Grow and Thrive

Rushing & Guice also enjoys historical ties to the business lifeline of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The firm is active within the region’s seafood and maritime industries and has enjoyed particularly close and long-lasting relationships with the banking and credit industries, the seafood industry, and the nation’s most prominent retail and commercial collection agencies. In addition, we have represented the interests of clients throughout the world in commercial and maritime matters. Our clients include individuals, publicly and privately-held corporations, banks, insurance companies, financial companies, and other business and professional organizations.

Rushing & Guice Will Represent You in Matters of Business

At Rushing & Guice, experienced, aggressive, and innovative legal services for businesses and professionals on the Gulf Coast are a phone call away. Call us at (228) 374-2313 or fill out our online form to arrange for an initial consultation. We look forward to assisting you.

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