Legal Services for Individuals and Families

Fighting For Victims of Catastrophic Personal Injuries

When our neighbors have looked to us for counsel and guidance on some of their most personal matters, or during times of trouble or tragedy, Rushing & Guice has been there. With compassion, understanding, and a dedication to our client’s physical, financial, and emotional well-being, our attorneys represent individuals and families facing complex estate planning, divorce, and catastrophic personal injury issues.

Comprehensive, Personally Tailored Estate Planning

We work closely with clients who wish to preserve their wealth and provide for their families by developing comprehensive estate planning strategies designed to achieve their personal, financial, and tax objectives. From wills and trusts to insurance planning, to business succession planning, our attorneys match the depth of their legal knowledge with a full appreciation of the unique circumstance and goals of each client. The personal attention we provide and the time we take with each individual and family allows us to craft solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Guidance for Families in Transition

For families going through difficult transitions such as divorce, we provide counsel that can help ease the anxiety and clear up the uncertainties that accompany such a challenging time. While we zealously protect our clients’ rights as to custody, support, property division, and all related matters, we also recognize that unnecessary rancor and protracted conflict rarely serve anyone’s best interest in divorce and family law matters. We strive to come up with resolutions that allow our clients to move forward with their lives in the most expeditious and least traumatic way possible.

Fighting For Victims of Catastrophic Personal Injuries

A devastating injury or the sudden loss of a loved one creates upheaval that impacts every aspect of life. The physical, practical, and financial challenges can be overwhelming, and the emotional toll caused by knowing life may never be the same and not knowing what to do next only makes things more difficult. When an injury or death is the result of someone else’s negligence or reckless conduct, the individuals and families who have suffered as a result are entitled to justice and compensation. At Rushing & Guice, we are zealous advocates for victims of catastrophic injury and families left behind in the wake of wrongful death. We have a lengthy record of obtaining the compensation and resources that our clients need and deserve, and we work tirelessly to bring them comfort and peace of mind as they try to rebuild their lives after tragedy.

Rushing & Guice is Ready to Represent You in Matters of Importance

At Rushing & Guice, experienced, aggressive, and innovative legal services for individuals and families on the Gulf Coast are a phone call away. Call us at (228) 374-2313 or fill out our online form to arrange for a free, limited initial consultation. We look forward to assisting you.

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