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We provide professional legal counsel in business, family, real estate, personal injury, and estate law throughout the Gulf Coast state of Mississippi.

Rushing & Guice has served residents and businesses of Pascagoula, Mississippi, for over a century. Our business attorneys near Pascagoula are some of the most well-experienced in the state, but it can be challenging to pick the best lawyer. For this reason, Rushing & Guice want Pascagoula residents to know exactly what they offer when they need legal help.

Why Hire Rushing & Guice?

Rushing & Guice has provided outstanding legal services to individuals and enterprises for over a century. Since 1908, we’ve been defending people and businesses along the Gulf Coast, witnessing our share of upheaval.

Rushing & Guice is the firm you can rely on for Pascagoula company and personal legal services. Our lawyers will professionally and proudly represent you promptly and effectively. Our attorneys will fight hard on your behalf if you have a problem in Pascagoula, MS. We will give excellent legal counsel and defend your rights and assets, whether business or personal.

Rushing & Guice can assist you with any legal problem, big or small, in Pascagoula. Our team of attorneys has the experience needed for any legal issue, from business litigation to family law disputes.

Pascagoula Legal Services



Commercial Litigation Experts

Complex commercial litigation frequently involves several corporate entities in multiple states, necessitating a federal lawsuit governed by different rules and procedures. When individuals with opposing interests are forced together, contentious situations frequently result. These disputes often concern huge amounts of money, intellectual property theft, fraud and deceptive trade practices, and other intractable employment problems. Rushing & Guice’s attorneys can handle the intricacy of litigation while our clients focus on running their businesses.

Commercial Real Estate Development

As with any transaction, real estate transactions are lengthy and complicated. Environmental issues, such as development and planned changes to the present use of land, are complex. Rushing & Guice is available to assist our clients with all their real estate litigation needs.
We represent developers, owners, property managers, renters, financial institutions, and investors in all deals, from simple purchase agreements to complex development plans. We assist clients with a wide range of commercial real estate needs.

Business Formation & Consulting

Entrepreneurs and business owners may benefit from the services provided by Rushing & Guice, which include advice on company viability and formation and structure. The firm evaluates unique demands and goals, as well as numerous structural choices, to help them on their path to success. We are accessible at all stages of business development, from preliminary assessments to formation and succession, to offer assistance and legal interpretations. When you deal with an integrated law firm like Rushing & Guice, we can accompany you through all the steps of business formation with an eye toward the future and success.

Professional Malpractice

Rushing & Guice handles claims of legal, accounting, and other
professional negligence or malpractice for clients and professionals. We assess the circumstances surrounding such claims thoroughly, examining the conduct to see whether the required standard of care has been met. William L. Guice III, a partner at Rushing & Guice, has significant expertise in legal and ethical issues. He has been called to give expert testimony and offer opinions in professional malpractice claims for plaintiffs, defendants, and other cases.

Pascagoula Estate & Probate Attorneys

In the United States, too many people perish without making a will. Dying intestate is considered, and almost 70% of Americans die intestate. The family is confused and overwhelmed as a result. It also necessitates that any remaining property is probated, which is an expensive and time-consuming process that depletes family resources. When you work with an estate planning attorney, estate planning can be accomplished quickly. This relieves the surviving spouse and family of the pressure to focus on chores and decisions that may be handled through well-planned estate planning.

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Business law is essential in the state of Mississippi because it helps to protect the rights of both businesses and individuals. Pascagoula, MS business law firm Rushing & Guice has provided legal services to companies and individuals in the Gulf Coast region for over a century. They have a wealth of experience in all areas of business law. When choosing a business law firm in Mississippi, Pascagoula residents can trust Rushing & Guice to provide the legal assistance they need.
Rushing & Guice specializes in business law, including commercial litigation, business formation, banking and finance, environmental law, and white-collar criminal defense. Rushing & Guice also has a team of experienced real estate attorneys who can assist Pascagoula residents with any legal issues regarding their property.
No matter what type of legal issue you are facing, Rushing & Guice can help. Contact a Pascagoula business law attorney today to schedule a consultation.

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