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Environment Law

A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Environmental Laws

Environmental laws are intended to protect and preserve natural resources, from the air we breathe to the water we drink. Small business owners will likely encounter business laws and environmental laws that will affect their operations. For instance, if a business uses a vendor to dispose of chemicals, solvents, or lubricants used in its operations, the disposal is an environmental law issue. In this case, the waste must be disposed of in a certain way, and it is the business owner’s responsibility to ensure that it complies with the law. Otherwise, they can face environmental disasters and serious fines and ...

February 9, 2023|Business Law and Contracts, Environment Law|

Environmental Lawsuits: Who Can Sue?

From private companies polluting a nearby lake to unregulated greenhouse gas emissions contributing to increased temperatures, environmental degradation has reached staggering dimensions—and many are bringing lawsuits against those at fault to hold them accountable for the harm they have inflicted upon the environment. The federal and state laws protecting the environment range from local to global interests. If there has been a breach of these laws, a Mississippi environmental lawsuit can be brought by a range of plaintiffs, from individuals to institutions. But one of the key hurdles is whether the plaintiff satisfies the legal prerequisites to bring a lawsuit. ...

December 13, 2022|Environment Law|

Ocean Springs, Mississippi Environmental Lawyers

Environmental law has been around for a long time, but just recently has become something to be aware of or worry about. With climate change and many companies breaking environmental laws, the economic and socio-geopolitical impact of these laws requires an intricate matrix that must be continuously evolving. At Rushing & Guice, our Ocean Springs Environmental Lawyers have decades of experience assisting public and private clients with state and federal. When it comes to the environment, our environmental lawyers are there for you. We can help set up the internal procedures and guide expansion when necessary so that your company ...

October 27, 2022|Environment Law|

Water Pollution: What You Need to Know

It is everyone's right to have access to clean, safe water. When water becomes unfit for human consumption, animals, or plants, it is considered contaminated. It doesn't matter where drinking water comes from, it can get contaminated. In some cases, legal action is necessary to ensure your right to clean water. Water Pollution In Mississippi Despite limited freshwater resources in many parts of the world, a significant amount of them are polluted by pollutants generated by industrial, agricultural, and energy generation activities. The state of Mississippi is particularly affected by water pollution. According to the Environmental Protection ...

September 26, 2022|Environment Law|

Greenwashing Litigation: Prosecuting “green” companies

When plaintiffs file greenwashing litigation, a business is accused of making false statements about its environmental, social, and governance practices in order to appeal to consumers' interest in eco-friendliness. Specific causes of action vary from case to case, but include claims of fraud, false advertising and unfair and deceptive trade practices. Greenwashing, or the act of misleading consumers about a company's environmental practices, is a growing concern. While some companies may genuinely be trying to go green, others may be using misleading tactics to make their products seem more environmentally friendly than they actually are. What Is ESG? ...

August 22, 2022|Environment Law|

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