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How Does Mississippi Probate Work?

When a person dies in Mississippi, probate is the legal process through which a deceased's assets are collected, identified, valued, and distributed to creditors and/or their heirs. Generally speaking, probate involves the appointment of an executor or administrator by the local Chancery Court who is responsible for collecting all probate assets owned by your loved one at death. Mississippi man signing a last will and testament document. What is a Probate Asset? In Mississippi, probate assets include all real and/or personal property which you own at death that does not pass to your heirs or beneficiaries by operation ...

February 8, 2022|Estate Planning, Probate Law|

Probate in Mississippi Takes Place in Chancery Court

When a person with assets dies in Mississippi and they have made a will, the estate is said to be testate. If there is no will, the estate is intestate and that can complicate matters somewhat depending on the number of potential heirs and the size of the estate. In the case of a will being available, it must be "proven." Proving a Will is Valid Probate is proving that the will is valid. Proving it is valid does include providing the court with a copy of the will attached to the petition to probate. Chancery Court is where estates ...

April 21, 2018|Probate Law|

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