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Are Trespassers Covered Under Premises Liability Laws in Mississippi

Premises liability laws in Mississippi make it essential for property owners to meet their duty of care to tenants and visitors by identifying and removing hazards on their premises as soon as possible. If a property owner neglects this duty of care and their actions result in losses or injuries to another party, that party can sue the property owner to seek compensation. But what happens if the visitor to the property is a trespasser without permission to be there? What rules apply then? Here is what you need to know about premises liability and trespasser injuries. What is ...

May 22, 2024|Personal Injury, Premises Liability|

Lifelong Treatment and Management of a Catastrophic Injury in Mississippi

Catastrophic injuries result when an individual suffers a permanent or long-lasting injury that prevents him/her from performing work and enjoying life to the same extent as before. Most accident injuries heal over time and, while that may take weeks or months, the injury does heal. Catastrophic injuries, on the other hand, may leave their mark for life. The treatment and management of such injuries is a major undertaking, often affecting entire families. When the injuries sustained are the fault of a negligent third party, this can be even more difficult for families to accept, causing great mental and emotional ...

December 22, 2023|Catastrophic Injury, Personal Injury|

How are Damages Calculated in a Mississippi Injury Case?

An injury suffered in an accident that was due, at least in part, to another person’s negligence or reckless actions, can result in a claim for damages in Mississippi. A serious injury can radically impact one’s health, well-being, and financial situation. Claims for injuries that have had a major effect on one’s life may involve significant sums. But what exactly is the victim entitled to and how are claims calculated? Under Mississippi law, victims may receive compensation for several types of damages: economic, non-economic and punitive damages. Let’s take a closer look at what these are and how damages ...

September 20, 2023|Personal Injury|

Catastrophic Injury Claims Process in Mississippi

Catastrophic injuries may have life-altering consequences and severely impact both the accident victims and their families in Mississippi. Such injuries are often caused by car, motorcycle or truck accidents but can also result from slips and falls, faulty products, medical malpractice or workplace accidents. Injuries include spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries and amputations, which cause long-term disability and greatly impact the quality of life and ability to work. If you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury, the claims process can be extremely challenging for you and your family. Insurance companies often fight hard to limit payouts. Legal assistance can help ...

September 1, 2023|Personal Injury|

The Tragedy of Traumatic Brain Injury

At Rushing & Guice, we represent victims and their families who are dealing with the aftermath of catastrophic injuries caused by the negligence or recklessness of others. There are few injuries more devastating than those involving the brain. Such injuries may change a person’s personality, make it difficult to remember things, or even prevent him or her from recognizing and interacting with loved ones. The emotional trauma that follows in the wake of such injuries can cause tremendous strain on relationships and the mental health of those struggling with a difficult new way of life. The Centers for Disease ...

July 23, 2015|Personal Injury, Truck Accidents|

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