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Legal Malpractice

The Categories of Legal Malpractice

When a person believes that their lawyer has not performed up to the profession’s standards, they may have cause to bring a lawsuit against them. In general terms, legal malpractice may come down to one of three categories. If an attorney has violated one of these three standards of conduct, a client should contact an attorney with legal malpractice action experience to have their case evaluated. The three categories are: Negligence Breach of Fiduciary Duty Breach of Contract Proving that Malpractice Has Taken Place To prove that malpractice has taken place, the case against the attorney has to be evaluated ...

March 31, 2018|Legal Malpractice|

Knowing When Accounting Malpractice Occurred Is Important

In the state of Mississippi, the statute of limitations for filing a suit against a professional for breach of contract or negligence is three years. That means any action must be filed within three years from the time the wrongdoing occurs or accrues. Certain mistakes an accounting professional has made due to negligence, such as a poorly performing audit that led to a payment of back taxes that were not owed, will hopefully come to light within this time frame. If there are some questions about your accountant’s performance, consulting with an accounting malpractice attorney should take place to help ...

February 17, 2018|Accounting Malpractice, Legal Malpractice|

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