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Maritime Personal Injury

What is the Alcohol Boating and Safety Act?

The Alcohol Boating Safety Act makes it unlawful to operate a watercraft on the public waters of the State of Mississippi while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any other substance which has impaired a person's ability to operate a watercraft. As a condition of operating a watercraft on the public waters of this state, the person operating the watercraft is deemed to have given consent to testing for the purpose of determining the alcoholic content of his blood. "Watercraft" is defined as any motorized vessel with a motor of twenty-five horsepower or greater used for transportation on public ...

April 17, 2018|Maritime Personal Injury|

Maritime Personal Injury Cases Can Be Complicated

When an injury or wrongful death occurs onboard a ship, there are considerations to be weighed before a maritime personal injury action can be filed. One important question that needs to be answered is whether the person was a passenger, a worker, or a longshoreman when they were injured on the ship. Employees and longshoremen have other ways to have their injuries compensated for, but passengers are a different matter. In fact; some may be precluded from taking action against the shipowner, captain, or even the ship itself if they didn’t have express permission to come aboard. That lack of ...

April 7, 2018|Maritime Personal Injury|

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