A person will rely on their doctor to be responsible and steadfast in their treatment and care. A physician is counted on more than any other professional that offers a service to be careful and not to make any mistakes due to negligence. When an injury occurs during surgery, the problem caused may be minor. Unfortunately, any mistake can lead to a need for longer recovery and cost the patient time from work and their family due to a longer rehabilitation process.

New Procedures Can Still Cause Injuries

Today’s healthcare arena, which strives to find ways to quicken procedures, has led to using smaller incisions and small cameras inside patients’ bodies which can carry their own set of drawbacks that more traditional procedures do not. This type of surgery is known as laparoscopic surgery. The theory is a smaller incision versus a larger one will mean less time is taken for the surgery and less damage to the tissue surrounding the organ being worked on.

Common Uses for Laparoscopic Surgery

This surgery is performed many times in the removal of a gall bladder. It is also used in the removal of the uterus in a hysterectomy. Patients will often opt for these procedures because they will lose less time away from home and work, but there may be a chance that the more invasive approach would be better. One problem that has been seen in the past is that a larger incision gives the surgeon a better look at surrounding tissues and damaged tissue originally not anticipated. It is possible that tumors can be seen in this way that would not have been found with the camera used in laparoscopy.

Sometimes these instruments will just slightly nip some tissue but after closing the incisions up infections start and may even become life-threatening. The many forms of medical malpractice either during surgery or in a mistaken diagnosis can devastate families. Any personal injury suffered during surgery should be discussed with a medical malpractice attorney at Rushing & Guice. These mistakes can cause pain and mental anguish to the injured party and their loved ones and they should be compensated for.

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