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Getting the Best Price When Buying a Business

Buying a business can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. There are many steps involved, from reviewing contracts to handling employee matters. One of the most important factors is determining an accurate value. This helps you make sure you are paying a fair price. …

February 1, 2016|General|

Is There a Right Time to Sell Your Business?

If you are a business owner approaching retirement age, or you wish to sell your business and move on to another venture, you may wonder when it is the right time to sell. As with many areas of life, there is rarely one strong indicator to tell you when it’s the ideal time to make a major change. On the other hand, there are several things to consider when preparing to sell your business. Taken together, these factors can help you enter the market when the time is right. …

September 23, 2015|General|

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