Truck Crashes Are More Fatal to Others in the Accident

In a review of the final statistics for the year 2015; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that, although traffic fatalities for the period increased a dramatic 7.2 percent, the largest increase in 50 years, large truck driver fatalities did not. However, passenger fatalities for those riding in large trucks did. Overall, that was a bad year on the road and it isn’t getting much better.

In Mississippi, an 18 wheeler going the wrong way in October was involved in an accident with a pickup truck whose driver was killed. The reason for the driver of the semi going the wrong way was not reported. This mistake, like many others made by large truck drivers, can have devastating consequences. The state of Mississippi has many 18 wheelers traveling on highways to all parts of the country and unfortunately too many times this leads to similar events like that one in October.

Truck Drivers and Distracted Driving

It is a fact of life that even though the semi driver is working and should be concentrating on their job, sometimes they will act irresponsibly. They can fall victim to texting and driving like anyone else. Texting while driving that much tonnage; however, is exponentially more dangerous and should never happen. The type of driver with a drug or alcohol problem that will cause problems with judgement is also a much bigger threat to those on the road.

Catastrophic Injuries Are Another Result of 18-Wheeler Accidents

It’s certainly no wonder that the driver of something that large is more likely to survive a crash than many of the people in the vehicles they hit. And those who are lucky enough to survive may have devastating injuries that will impinge on their quality of life from that day forward. When accidents like those involving 18 wheelers occur an attorney experienced in gaining compensation for catastrophic personal injuries or a wrongful death must be consulted. Contact Rushing & Guice if this has happened to you or a family member.

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