Mississippi Fishing Licenses

Mississippi Residents

Each resident of the State of Mississippi ages sixteen (16) through sixty-four (64), fishing in the fresh or marine waters of Mississippi, including lakes and reservoirs but NOT to include privately owned ponds and streams, shall be required to buy a fishing license. A saltwater license is required south of U. S. Highway 90 and a freshwater or saltwater license is valid between I-10 and U. S. Highway 90. A saltwater license is not valid north of I-10. Any person sixty-five (65) or older, or any person otherwise exempted from obtaining a freshwater fishing license, must have documentation with him/her at all times while fishing. Residents 65 years of age or older are required to purchase a lifetime recreational saltwater fishing license.

Mississippi Non-Resident

All non-resident anglers, except minors under the age of sixteen (16), are required to obtain a fishing license while fishing in the fresh or marine waters of the State of Mississippi.


Residents who are visually impaired, paraplegic, a multiple-amputee, adjudged totally disabled by the Social Security Administration, or totally service connected disabled by the Veterans Administration are not required to purchase a Hunting or Fishing License. Residents exempt based on this criteria are required to have proof of their age, residency, disability status, or other physical impairment in their possession while engaged in hunting and fishing activities. All exempt licenses previously issued for disabilities are null and void.

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