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Rushing & Guice’s William Lee Guice III Selected for Inclusion in “The Best Lawyers in America©”

Attorney William Lee Guice III, the third generation of his family to practice law at Rushing & Guice and now its senior partner, was recently selected by his peers for inclusion in the 22nd Edition of The Best Lawyers in America© in the practice areas of: Admiralty and Maritime Law, Banking and Finance Law, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Litigation – Banking and Finance and Real Estate Law. …

August 5, 2015|General|

Mississippi Businesses Must Thread the Needle With Non-Competition Agreements

When an employee leaves a company, they often take with them valuable knowledge and skills acquired during their tenure. To safeguard against the potential loss of proprietary information or competition from former employees, Mississippi non-competition agreements can be a useful tool for business owners. In the state of Mississippi, drafting an effective non-compete agreement can be challenging.  A document that is too restrictive may not adequately protect the company's interests, while one that is too broad may be deemed unreasonable and unenforceable. Hence, it is crucial for businesses to strike a delicate balance when crafting such an agreement. This will ...

July 30, 2015|General|

Rushing & Guice Senior Partner William L. Guice III Admitted to Practice in New York State

Rushing & Guice, P.L.L.C. is proud to announce that William Lee Guice, III, the third generation of his family to practice law at Rushing & Guice and now its senior partner, has recently been admitted to practice law in the state of New York. Guice’s admission in New York expands the firm’s geographic reach and allows it to serve its business and individual clients in the nation’s financial capital. …

May 21, 2015|General|

Resolving Construction Disputes Without Litigation

Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, property owner, design professional, or another party involved in a significant construction project, the prospect of costly and lengthy litigation is unappealing. Of course, the very nature of construction lends itself to any number of potential disputes between multiple parties, and when conflict arises, it is usually in everyone’s interest to attempt to resolve the dispute as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. That is why many construction disputes are resolved, or are sought to be resolved, using alternative dispute resolution (ADR), primarily mediation and arbitration. …

May 8, 2015|General|

Get the Federal Government as a Customer for Your Small Business

July 1 SBA conference in Jackson seeks to get more federal procurement contracts for Mississippi small businesses. Any business owner would want the world’s largest buyer of goods and services as a customer. But when that customer is the federal government, getting a foot in the door of that complex and bureaucratic maze and grabbing a slice of federal business is no small task for small business owners. The U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) recognizes the challenges faced by small or disadvantaged companies in Mississippi that are seeking to get involved in the federal procurement process and has established programs ...

April 8, 2015|General|

What is a Grand Jury?

When we think of being charged with a crime, we typically think of a district attorney or other prosecutor making the decision to bring charges against a criminal defendant. A grand jury, however, is comprised of citizens who are called to make the determination as to whether prosecutors should pursue a criminal case. What a grand jury is, how it works, and what it means if you are being investigated by one remains a mystery to most people. …

March 22, 2015|General|

Mississippi LLC Owners: Don’t Make Yourself Vulnerable to Personal Liability

Whether you are just starting a new venture or growing your business beyond a sole proprietorship, you will inevitably reach a point where you want to ensure that your personal assets will not be vulnerable in the event that lawsuits or other liabilities confront your business. In the world of small business, there are two clear vehicles to accomplish that goal: a limited liability company (LLC) or an S-corporation (often shortened to S-corp). …

March 8, 2015|General|

Where There’s a Will, There’s Not Necessarily an Estate Plan.

5 essential estate planning issues you need to address. If you were playing a word association game and said “estate planning document,” it is likely that the most common response would be “a will.” Indeed, folks who may not have a full understanding of the universe of estate planning possibilities at least know that they should have a will. What they don’t realize is that a complete estate plan includes much more than a last will and testament. …

February 27, 2015|General|

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