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The Discovery Process: How it Works and How It Affects Your Case

Litigation can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Even seemingly “simple” cases can take a long time to reach a resolution, whether they conclude with a settlement agreement or a jury verdict. There are many reasons that lawsuits can take so long; everything from a court’s crowded docket to pre-trial challenges regarding the sufficiency of the complaint or the validity of the cause of action. However, what usually consumes the most time and effort between the time a lawsuit is filed and the time it concludes is discovery. …

September 8, 2014|General|

What It Means to Be Mississippi’s Only Law Firm in the International Association of Commercial Collectors

Rushing & Guice takes great pride in being the only Mississippi law firm that is a member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC), the largest organization of commercial collection specialists in the world. But what does that mean for our clients in need of assistance with outstanding debts and receivables, and what impact does that have on those debtors with whom we interact? …

August 22, 2014|General|

Caring for Those Who Can’t Care For Themselves: Guardians and Conservators for Adults In Mississippi

Guardians and Conservators for Adults In Mississippi You’ve probably seen or heard the term "guardian" before, perhaps on a form that required the signature of a "parent or guardian." While we of course intuitively know what a parent is, how and why people become guardians of other people may not be so familiar. This is particularly the case when guardianship is established for an adult. Adult guardianships in Mississippi are established when someone becomes unable to take care of themselves and their affairs and another individual, usually but not always a loved one, takes legal as well as practical responsibility ...

July 22, 2014|General|

Passing the Baton: Start Thinking About Business Succession Planning

We represent a lot of smaller and family-owned businesses across the Gulf Coast, and seeing our clients’ enterprises grow and thrive, and assisting them along the way, is one of the great joys of our work. We have been with many of our clients from the beginning of their business journey and helped them as their idea transformed into a sole proprietorship and then into a corporation that employs scores of people and does business across the region. …

July 8, 2014|General|

Prenuptial Agreements in Mississippi: Planning for the End at the Beginning

Almost every bride and groom who walks down the aisle and proclaims “till death do us part” believes that the marriage they are about to enter will stand the test of time. The sad reality is that almost half of those newlyweds will be wrong and will wind up divorcing. In fact, Mississippi’s divorce rate is higher than most states, with the sixth highest divorce rate for women and the 11th highest for men. Those harsh statistics lead many couples to plan for the possibility that the marriage may in fact end, and enter into agreements that set forth how ...

June 22, 2014|General|

Picking the Right Entity for Your Small Business

As business lawyers, there are few things more rewarding than working with Gulf Coast entrepreneurs and others who are pouring their heart and soul into building and growing a business. The hope, of course, is that all of that hard work and investment will be rewarded with success. The nightmare is that you expose your personal finances to significant risk and tax liability that can bring your dreams crashing down. One of the ways to minimize those risks and protect yourself is to pick and form the right business entity for your new or expanding enterprise. …

June 8, 2014|General|

Rushing & Guice’s William Lee Guice III Once Again Selected for Inclusion in “The Best Lawyers in America©”

Attorney William Lee Guice III, the third generation of his family to practice law at Rushing & Guice and now its senior partner, was recently selected by his peers for inclusion in the 21st Edition of The Best Lawyers in America© in the practice areas of: Admiralty and Maritime Law, Banking and Finance Law, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Litigation – Banking and Finance and Real Estate Law. …

May 22, 2014|General|

A Maritime Lien Can Ensure That You Get Paid For Your Hard Work

Every day, individuals and companies across the Gulf Coast provide valuable services or goods to vessels and their owners. These folks rightfully expected to get paid for their work, but sometimes a vessel’s owner will either fail to meet their obligations or otherwise try to nickel and dime a vendor, laborer, or service provider into accepting less than they are entitled to. Fortunately, maritime law provides powerful tools that can help protect creditors who are owed money for goods and services – or “necessaries” — they supply to Gulf Coast vessels. …

May 12, 2014|General|

Title Insurance: Protecting Yourself From Property Ownership Disputes

If you own a home, you no doubt have homeowner’s insurance. Like car insurance, life insurance, and most other types of insurance, homeowner’s insurance is there to protect you from losses that you may suffer as a result of a problem or catastrophe that happens to your home or other structure in the future. But there is one kind of insurance that is specifically designed to address problems that exist at the time the policy comes into effect. …

May 2, 2014|General|

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